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This site is created by
some of the most highly trained
auditors and case supervisors in the world.
Our purpose is the preservation of the technology.

The technology he gave us has saved millions of lives, yet he has been maligned, attacked, his organizations infiltrated and his writings altered.

That which some have come to hate is not L. Ron Hubbard or his technology, but those who have taken it over and changed it.


"So we can assume that people who are a bit inclined to malign,
knock apart and shoot the human race, and have that as their only goal,
can get into Scientology and can remove things from the technical line,
or pervert or alter things in the technical line,
which then makes Scientology unworkable."

Class VIII, Tape 1


"If you had a broad sphere of knowledge which was true, and these were all high generalities and everybody would agree with them, frankly it would be very easy to bankrupt and upset that whole operation by taking it, and by false relay — you see, bad instruction and bad relay of the material, and dropping out a datum here and a vital datum there, and substituting something or other — you eventually could then again effect a sort of a slavery out of that information."

SHSBC Tape 18 September 63, Service Facsimile



"As I look into the future, I see that we are handling here,
material of a potential control and command over
mankind which must not be permitted at any time
to become the monopoly or the tool of the few
to the danger and disaster of the many.

I believe that the freedom of the material which we know
and understand is guaranteed only by a
lightness of organization, a maximum of people,
good training and good, reliable, sound relay of information.

If we can't do these things, sooner or later the
information which we hold will become the property
of an untrustworthy few. This I am sure, because
it has always happened this way."

LRH Lecture: What Scientology is Doing
6 June 1955 (Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress)



A Story ("The Golden Ball"), Technical Vol. 1, p. 285


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